Weekend Links #9

A little late this week, but here it is! Weekend Links is a collection of the interesting bits and pieces that I’ve come across on the streets and online. The weekly post is my chance to share with you a few things that I have enjoyed, in a list compiled during the weekend. I hope you enjoy them as well.

A few things I enjoyed this week: 1. Starting to see the 'best of 2010' lists. Some favorites: NPR's Best Books of 2010 and Totally Cool Pix top photos of 2010 part I and part II 2. Scoring an 'impressive' on the CNN cultural landmarks test. I was more pleased that I have been to six out of ten of the landmarks (Berlin Wall, Big Ben, Angkor Wat, Eiffel Tower, Alcatraz and the Collosseum in Rome) than I was at my correct answers (via @kfar53) 3. Making enough cranberry sauce for a year. This recipe is delicious over plain yoghurt (image above via here) 4. Still loving Breathe Owl Breathe and this wintery tune 5. Reminiscing about the lovely Sunday Market at Westerpark (image below)