ten months


Blog silence. Something that often incurs apologies and excuses when the silence is broken. After ten months of not writing in this space, I'm happy to push the publish button once more with a different platform, a new domain, and an updated look.

In the last ten months, I have been able to refocus, determine the next phase for my blog, and also give it room to breath. small sight was so much a part of the Me that lived in Amsterdam for seven years, that I struggled with how to define it when I moved home to Portland. Blogs change as time passes, but the complete overhaul of my life, as I moved from one continent to another, left my blog more than a little undefined. And there were the small matters of having a baby on the way and starting my own business.

Welcome to the new small sight, a space to reflect on life in the Pacific Northwest, motherhood, my work as a content creator, and the inspiration that draws me back to the world of blogs, online content, and the communities that they bring together. You'll also find a collection of my work, a little bit about me, and how to say hello.