2012 World Press Photo Contest

This morning, I headed to the Amsterdam City Hall for the announcement of the winners of the annual World Press Photo contest. The past two weeks have been a blur of interviews, website preparations, and, of course, looking at tens of thousands of photographs. Tonight I will celebrate, not think about photography, and get some much needed sleep.

Now it is time for everyone else to enjoy this fantastic collections of images. The jury awarded 350 images by 57 photographers. Some of the singles that impressed me include the photos by Samuel Aranda, Damir Sagolj, Denis Rouvre, Vincent Boisot, and Jenny E. Ross. And for the photo stories:

Never Let You Go by Alejandro Kirchuk

Interrogation Room by Donald Weber

Rhino Wars by Brent Stirton

Pastoral by Alexander Gronsky

Child Brides by Stephanie Sinclair