Mobile Welt des Ostens

On our recent holiday to Germany, we found ourselves in a small town with a unique attraction. Mobile Welt des Ostens in Calau is a showcase of old East German treasures. Vintage cameras, books, clothing, and other articles are spread amongst classic cars, motorbikes, and communist paraphernalia.

As we walked around the exhibition, Marcus' father told stories of the old days in the East, pointing out the model of his first car and explaining the strange way of life under communism and the eye of the Stasi. He was impressed to find such a collection in the middle of nowhere, dedicated solely to the remembrance of DDR times. Nostalgia for East Germany, referred to as Ostalgie, has resulted in the preservation of memory objects and a continued admiration for the aesthetics of the Deutsche Demokratische Republik. Some extend this admiration to the politics. However, I think the fascination for the East is best manifested in exhibitions, films, and even hotels dedicated to remembering life in the DDR.