Welcome to Advertising! Now Get Lost

cover This book by Omkar Sane is a satirical take on the advertising world, specifically the studio. Sane drifted through the industry in many different positions, from designer to copywriter, which enabled him to get a first-hand view of its idiosyncrasies, but not get entangled. I'll pretend none of his insights apply to any place I have ever worked!

the client

"The Client Pledge: My brand is my livelihood. All Servicing are my slaves and all Creative just think they are over smart. I Love my Brand. I am proud of its rich and varied ambiguity. I shall always strive to be worthy of it and make everyone working on it feel like shit. I shall loathe and insult all those working on my account. Yes, the CD included. To my brand, my profession, and my Agency professionals I pledge my devotion."

the studio"The Studio is the busiest, most efficient place in any Agency with hard working, simple men, working away meticulously, guided by a bored, lethargic or dead Art Director sitting behind them, 'directing' art."

the pitch

"Winning a Client is like wooing a girl – you spend on her, impress her with flashy things she doesn’t understand, pamper her, meet her unreasonable demands, be on your toes at all times of the day (and night), and massage her ego before she becomes yours. And the process of winning a Client is called a Pitch."

the copywriterthe creative director