Shiv Shiv Shake

pin upAdam Gnade, lover of fine narrative and still lyricism, was a favorite early on. I was introduced to him back in the day when I was writing album reviews for San Diego Punk. Shiv Shiv Shake, his 2002 EP, was well worn by the time I lost it. From my journal of quotes (may not be completely accurate):

"And that was then and still they tell me I am not who I am. That I channel, that I lie, that I fake. But the cards are on the table, brothers. Castles are a pretty neurosis all in rows. Panic images killing words. A raw wire, a nerve, a pulse, a death rattle, then nothing. Life of love is a bullfight dear. 'Cheers!' jeers the crowd on Friday afternoon hot under the siesta via wood paneling. Santa Cruz, California. 'Ole!' or 'Madrid!' Tossing green watermelon rinds like Hemingway, failed broken matadors. But it's your destiny, now dance with it son. Sway with the blows. Take the arrows, dodge the slings, everyday can't be a Valentine's Day card."

-- Adam Gnade, Shiv Shiv Shake