Color Spectrum

The Munsell Hue Test post on Lost At E Minor piqued my interest, and I suspect many people in this era of self-diagnosis would be drawn to it as well. The test essentially rates your ability to distinguish fine differences in hue by giving you a sequence of squares to arrange in order of gradation from one color to another. After I completed the test, I thought my arrangement looked quite nice: Picture 4

With a score of zero indicating perfection, I was back at 11 (!) flailing to discriminate between hues in the middle region. I needed some perspective.


So, I read the analysis. Apparently, there are people who have perfect hue detection, scoring zero. But then, what's this? Someone scored 1520?! Perhaps they moved one block then quit. An average score would be helpful, but I'm guess I'm happy with where I'm situated on the percentage (?) scale.