'To Make Love To The Walls'

l'image1 FLY's latest short film features the artistic works of Petra Mrzyk and Jean-Francois Moriceau. A masked narrator reads a text about Mrzyk and Moriceau written by Michel Vaillant, exploring the subtleties and novelty of their work. The narrator wears five unique masks, created by Mrzyk and Moriceau exclusively for the film. He reads:

"Last year, Petra Mrzyk and Jean-Francois Moriceau wrote to me to tell me that at the other end of the world they were making love to the walls. This tells us a great deal about the capacity of these two artists to tame the bare walls of a gallery space with a biting iconography that makes the work reactive and sexy."

The film celebrates their creation of the new Collector's Edition for FLY: two round series of 25 screenprints.